The ConneXio Dialer application is used to maintain contact databases and the status of calls for prospecting and outbound dialing. The ConneXio Dialer filters through answering machines, dead numbers and more and puts your employees on live calls only. This has helped businesses increase production by as much as 300%! Dialer operates with such entities as: Campaign, Marketing List, Marketing List Entry

Features of Dialer

Automated calling according to rules made via configuration

DNC (Do not call) Filters

Internal DNC List, External DNC List/Service

Marketing lists (Phone Numbers)

ConneXio CRM, Salesforce CRM

Restrictions (Whitelist/Blacklist)

Timezone, State, Country, Postal Code, Area Code, Data


Using marketing lists to create campaigns

Areacode caller ID configuration

Routing configuration (what happens to call when it is connected) 

Inbound and Outbound Smart IVR Technology

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