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Exceptional Experience Your Patients Deserve From Anywhere They Desire

ConneXio provides the tools and resources to securely service your patients and members from anywhere in the world. In today’s environment it is more important than ever for your patients to have access to your services regardless of the outside circumstances. Safely facilitate visits and appointments without sacrificing the security and privacy of your practice.

HIPAA Compliant

Connect patients and healthcare providers remotely using HIPAA compliant omnichannel, including video conferencing

Connect Anywhere

Allow patients and members to connect and check-in from anywhere, through their preferred channel


Create self-service IVRs and Virtual Assistants to help your customers handle issues on their own

Proactive Engagement

Deliver personalized messages, such as appointment reminders, via voice or SMS. 

Improve performance and manage staff more effectively with actionable insights.

ConneXio’s suite of Real-time analytics and reporting allows you to take action on the fly, increasing productivity, efficiency and ultimately; improving your customer’s experience. Empower your agents to deal with more, efficiently and easily.

Enable Remote Workers

In today’s work-from-home environment, giving your employees a secure means to work remotely is more important than ever

Scale Quickly

Rapidly scale up and down during emergencies and peak times to handle any of your changing needs

Staff Anywhere

Enable a 100% remote workforce with world-wide networks

Leverage Data

Support your team with real-time KPIs, coaching capabilities and key insights using analytics

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