5 Simple Ways To Improve Work Performance


Having a job we like allows us so much more than paying bills. If we’re staying motivated at
work, we can grow professionally and personally and be completely satisfied with our lives.
Working hours shouldn’t be something that stops our happiness as we wait for the end of the
working day. Even if you’re not currently satisfied with the job you have, you can still find
something valuable in it. Here are several ideas on how to be better at your job so you can
feel more confident and satisfied with your life.

1. Planning

Planning can help you with efficiency and productivity. You can think about tasks for
tomorrow on your way home. Create a list of priorities with everything that needs your
attention. This will make you feel better as you start crossing things off that list. Also, you will
have that feeling of accomplishment every day and staying motivated at work. Not knowing
what you will do during your working hours can lead to frustration, low self-esteem and
fatigue, and losing motivation for your personal life as well.

2. Write a journal.

Well, it might seem cheesy or over the top, but putting all your thoughts and feelings on the
piece of paper can bring you some great results. You will become more aware of your fears,
wishes and goals so you will know in which direction your career should go. Also, as you
start writing things down, you will have more energy for everyday challenges at work. Giving
your thoughts a channel can help you grow professionally, no matter the job position.

3. Learn to say ‘’no’’.

This is the toughest one in our personal and professional lives. As we naturally don’t want
conflicts in our lives, we tend to do too much for others. This will make you feel like you’re
losing control and being exploited by everyone. Learning how to say ‘’no’’ should be
something you should practice every day. You don’t want to go for a coffee with your team
members after work? Say no. You don’t have time to work on a project that anybody can
work on? Say no. Respecting boundaries is crucial when talking about teamwork and staying
motivated at work.

4. Start thinking about your future.

Professional life can only be satisfying if you have set clear goals ahead of you. It doesn’t
matter what they are as long as they are important to you. However, sometimes we tend to
be so focused on small issues we’re facing every day, we forget to think about our future.
Ask yourself where you would like to be six months or six years from now. It doesn’t mean
you have to change your job. Instead, focus on things you wish to accomplish during that

5. Asking for advice.

Your place of work is probably a competitive place. Asking for someone’s advice can be
considered as a weakness in such places, but that’s not true. Asking for advice shows your
human side and can even lead to connecting with other team members. Don’t forget that
nobody’s perfect and we’re all humans! If you’re unsure of how to handle a certain situation,
ask a coworker for advice. This will also decrease the level of competitiveness you feel when
you enter the office.
So, how will you stay motivated at work? It’s really up to you! Remember, we spend so many
hours in the office every day, and if you can make it better, why not? You will feel more
satisfied with yourself and you will have more energy and will to focus on your personal life.
As much as we try to separate these two, the personal and professional aspects of our lives
are often very connected. Do you best to ensure you enjoy yours!

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