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ConneXio CRM

Unleashing Potential with Integrated CRM Solutions

ConneXio CRM is not just a customer relationship management tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to synergize with our communication and PBX platform. By integrating powerful workflow automations and communication tools, ConneXio CRM empowers businesses to manage customer interactions more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
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ConneXio CRM

The simple, smart, efficient & all-in-one UCaaS, Customer Engagement & Workforce Management Platform.

360-Degree Customer View

Get a complete perspective of customer interactions, history, and preferences in one unified platform.

Workflow Automations

Automate routine tasks and workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and consistency.

Seamless PBX Integration

Lead and Opportunity Management
Track and nurture leads and opportunities through the sales funnel with ease.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your dashboard to display key metrics and insights, enabling data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Analytics

Gain actionable insights with real-time data on customer interactions and team performance

Email Integration and Tracking

Sync with email platforms for seamless communication and track engagement metrics

Task and Calendar Management

Organize and prioritize tasks effectively with integrated calendar functions.

Mobile Access

Access CRM data on the go with our mobile-friendly interface.

Document Management

Store and manage important customer-related documents securely within the CRM.

Team Collaboration Tools

Facilitate collaboration among team members with shared views and communication tools

Customizable Reports

Create and customize reports to analyze trends, performance, and customer behaviors

Data Security & Compliance

Adhere to the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance.


You are in the right place to learn more about our platform and find answers to your general questions about our services.  If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly. We are always happy to help!

Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. Our friendly team will work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time and we’ll refund you the difference already paid.
Can other info be added to an invoice?
At the moment, the only way to add additional information to invoices is to add the information to the workspace's name.
How does billing work?
Plans are per workspace, not per account. You can upgrade one workspace, and still have any number of free workspaces.
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